Miami to Bahamas Flights

Cheapest Airfare Deals on Miami to Bahamas Flights

The tropical paradise called the Bahamas is a charming maritime playground and a perfect stretch of pristine sandy beaches. If you ever dream of a vacation in a destination lapped by the blue azure waters, The Bahamas is the place to be. This archipelagic state stretches between the East Coast of Florida and deeps of North Atlantic Sea. It comprises more than 2400 cays and 700 islands, most inhabited.

There’s a Bahamian island to match your aspirations and mesmerize you. Trade winds bless this country with year-round warmth even during winters when temperatures average 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So, book one of the Miami to Bahamas flights and explore this wonderful land as you like it.

Miami to Bahamas Flights List

Find here list of flights from Miami to Bahamas. It includes major International Airports, Airlines, Time Taken and Airfare.
AirlinesFromToTime TakenStop
BahamasairMIANAS55 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIANAS58 MinNon Stop
BahamasairMIANAS59 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIANAS55 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIAFPO44 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIAFPO55 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIAMHH1 Hr 08 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIAGGT1 Hr 15 MinNon Stop
American AirlinesMIAELH1 Hr 01 MinNon Stop

How to Get Into the Bahamas?

If the Bahamas is on top of your next itinerary, book a flight from Miami to the Bahamas. Since all international flights depart from Miami International Airport, you can book a direct flight to the Bahamas and land at Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau. For traveling within the country, you can prefer flights to Freeport, Marsh Harbor, George Town, and North Eleuthera.

Flights Available from Miami to the Bahamas:

To ensure convenience for the visitors, there are twelve weekly flights available from Miami to The Bahamas. In addition, there are nearly 10 non-stop flights that may be available on this route on any given day. You can find at least five flights daily on this route.

American Airlines operate most of these non-stop flights while Atlanta is the most popular halt for one-stop flights operating from Miami, Fl to the Bahamas. The most popular airlines for direct flights are American Airlines, Bahamasair, British Airways, United, and Delta.

Distance between Miami and the Bahamas:

The Bahamas is located 183 miles away from Miami. The average flying time for a non-stop flight on this route is 0 hours 55 minutes. Mostly, these flights leave the airport around 8:40 EDT. No matter which airport you fly into, average flying time taken is 50-59 minutes. The exact time may vary depending on various factors including wind speed.

Air Fare from Miami to the Bahamas:

The average flight cost for a round trip from Miami to the Bahamas can be BSD 229-254 per person. The prices may vary from one carrier to another. You should compare the prices before booking a cheap flight from Miami to the Bahamas. There are many reliable resources where daily comparisons of all airlines are available to help you in making the right selection.

Baggage Policy:

The leading airlines on these routes are Bahamasair and American Airlines. In these airlines, customers are allowed one free carry-on baggage and free checked baggage with no fees upto 23 Kg on all domestic and international airports.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals?

When looking for direct flights from Miami to the Bahamas, you must find the best booking deals. You can compare the available deals on a smart search engine showing data for cheap flights between these two destinations. With this information, you can compare the complete package and book the most convenient flight tickets for your trip.

So, pack your bags and fly to the alluring Bahamas for an unforgettable vacation ahead.